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How to Use DFY Monetization Kit

Everything Here is done for you, and literally can do this almost without lifting a finger.

DFY Monetization Kit provides you with over 50+ prepared campaigns to market ever-green products to your subscribers at ease and get a daily commission.

Step 1;

  • Log Into your Vidxtra account
  • Click on  DFY Monetisation Kit, at the left hand side of the dashboard

From the DFY Monetisation Kit, 

  • Pick a product, 
  • then click on the “affiliate request link” to request your approval to promote the product. 

Once you’ve been approved and given your affiliate Link. Head on to step 2

Step 2: 

In Your Vidxtra Dashboard, click on Video pages

  • Click On Create Video Page
  • Name Your page and click on “Create”

Step 3: Edit Video Page

This is where you will input all the content from the DFY Monetization Kit regarding the product you want to promote

  • Toggle open the headline button to add headline content 
  • Copy & paste the Headline content from the DFY monetization kit into the headline section on video pages.
  • Edit headline to your desired Outcome.
  • Close The Headline Button

Repeat the same process to the Body section

The next step is to add the video link

  • Toggle open the Video button to add video link 
  • Copy & paste the Demo or Vsl video link from the DFY monetization kit into the video section on the video pages And it automatically pops up in the preview area

Edit The Button 

  • Toggle open the button
  • Edit your Button Text
  • Input your approved affiliate link into the button link
  • Edit your button position, background color, and border to your desired choice

Add & Edit countdown timer (Optional)

Add Leadform: 

  • you can select email only or email & phone 

You can add Tracking pixel if you have any or leave it blank

Step 4:  

Preview & Click On “Save”

Then your page is published.

Updated on February 5, 2023

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