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How To Use Vidxtra Video Pages


Go to the website and Sign up or Sign in if you have an account already


You will be redirected to the welcome page after signing in or signing up


Click on the Video pages


You will have to create a new page after clicking on the video pages

Click on Create Pages to begin your video page creation


Choose a name you would like to use for your Page

Click on Create


This is what your next page would look like, Click on the Minimize icon to minimize your screen.

Click on the headline to add a headline for your video page. The same should be done to the Body, Add a video, Button, Countdown Timer, and Lead forms. Click on save once you are done editing each item on the Edit page. Your preview is by the right-hand side of the screen and it will take in all data included in the Edit page.

For Headline

Click on the Headline Icon to turn it on

You can choose any write-up as your headline and align it either to the left, right, or center

For Body Text

Click on the Body Text icon to turn it on and edit

This could be a description of what you would like your audience and customers to see about your video page, you can align it left, right, or center.

For Add Video

Click on the add video icon to turn it on and select the video that you want. 

You can also scroll down to see more videos. Select the category or source like Youtube, or Vimeo, Search or Upload the one on your computer

For Button

Click on the Button icon to turn it on for editing

Select a call to action CTA to use as your button. You could also select it as a button or link by clicking on the link type

You can select the background of the button, the position or border, and also the type of button you would like to see on your page.

For Countdown Timer

Click on the countdown icon and add a timer to enable editing

You could select a color, or background color by clicking on them and also edit the date you wish to see on your timer.

Click on the start timer to enable your timer to start counting.

For Lead Forms

Click on the lead Icon and Add the lead form to enable editing 

Select the type of form you would like, either email only or email and phone. 

Click on save once you are done


Click on the 3 dots to see more options for your page


You can Edit, Preview, Share, Copy URL, Clone or delete your page. You can preview by clicking on the preview icon


This is what your Vidoe page would look like if you preview it.


Updated on February 2, 2023

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